Ontario Paddling Contest with some free gear (if you can find it)

Feb 1, 2013
Just read about a summer contest involving free gear for all the paddling folks thinking of canoeing in central Ontario this summer. The Paddle in the Park Contest has hidden six new Badger Canoe Paddles along portage trails in various provincial parks. If you come across a paddle along your journey, you get to keep it plus some other trail gear you get after proof of finding the paddle. The paddles are packed up in a paddle sock and plastic bage and tied up sort of like this...


The area is basically from Killarney Park in the West, Lady Evelyn to the North, Algonquin Provincial in the East and Kawartha Highlands to the south (see the map here). They plan to give clues on their page as the summer progresses (presumbly if folks are having a hard time finding them since the area is so huge). I'm probably going to be in Algonquin later in the summer, but not so deep in the park interior so doubt my chances are good.