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Old Shaw and Tenney paddle

Jun 15, 2022
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Spartanburg, SC
When I picked up a wood and fiberglass (Northland Canoe, most likely) this weekend, it came with a few accessories. They included three old split Feather Craft paddles, which had seen much better days, and a Shaw and Tenney 48" paddle. The S&T has some repairable splits and I am planning on refurbishing this one.

I did notice one thing different on this paddle. Whereas the S&T paddles that I have seen have the maker's name branded, if I recall correctly, into the blade, this one is stamped in red ink.

I wonder if any paddle collectors and historians in our group could tell me when S&T used the red stamp ,as shown in the attachments, on their paddles? I emailed Shaw and Tenney and received a reply from Neil Gutekunst, the current owner. In his reply he stated that it would have been pre-1980 but that is as much as he knows. That also puts it in the same era as the canoe.

If anyone can add to this information, it would help fill in the paddle"s age and settle my curiosity.


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A similar topic came up a few years ago in the WCHA forum about some different tags. Steven Holt who sold the business to Neil made a guess as described at the first link below. The best person to answer this would be Paul Regan who sold the business to Steven but he has passed away. Their circa 1870s catalog attached below doesn't show any tags on their paddles but I suspect that all of these tagged paddles are much newer than that. The second link below has more information about the history of Shaw & Tenney if you are curious.


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Thank you for the reply, Benson. I had planned on refinishing the Shaw and Tenney for my wife's use, but with the fairly clean labeling I will probably get some better photos to ad to my files before I monkey with it. If I can ascertain the production dates using this stamping, I hope to post it to an appropriate site as an aid to others.
I have tried to sign on to the WCHA forum for the past couple of days, but the "confirmation email" does not seem to reach me. I will delve deeper into this problem as time permits.
the "confirmation email" does not seem to reach me.

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