New Pennsylvania Guy

Nov 10, 2013
Shohola, PA
It is a joy to be plugged into this community of experienced and enthusiastic paddlers.
Ever since that day 55 years ago when my Dad laughed uncontrollably as I made circles attempting to solo a canoe at an "Indian Guides" (you old guys remember them?) event, I've been infatuated by paddle craft.
i simply love paddling, building, camping with and generally hanging around canoes.
There was a twenty plus year fixation with going fast and racing, a brief stint as a paddler shop owner and a rep for a kayak company.
We are blessed to live by a 460 acre glacial lake here in NE Pennsylvania and I get to paddle the solo canoe nearly everyday that the water isn't frozen. Most years I manage to escape for 3-4 trips to the Adirondacks or Boundary waters for 3 to 7 days.
While kayaks and surf skis were a major part of this affair with boats, the past ten years or so have been consumed with the solo canoe. I had the good fortune of having had extended time hanging out with and learning from the incredible paddler Patrick Moore. His knowledge of both boat design and paddling technique greatly enhanced my appreciation of the sport.
Currently my go to boat is a Placid Shadow which is paddled with a bent shaft zav? The Hornbeck New Trick 12, a recent acquisition has been a delight on several small lake trips with a lot of portages and the old faithful Mohawk solo13 in royalex handles the bumpy river excursions.
With retirement from the working life coming soon, I'm contemplating what kind of boat to build.
Jul 31, 2011
Eastern PA
Welcome Dave!

I'm in PA also, live down near Allentown but have a cabin in Pike county near Porters Lake. I spend a lot of time paddling up your way. Been to shohola a few times but haven't paddled there yet.
Maybe we could meet up there sometime and you could give me some pointers with the single blade.

Jun 12, 2012
Appleton, Maine
Welcome Dave,

and welcome to the "With retirement from the working life coming soon" club, when it comes, don't believe everything they say about it, it's even better than they say!