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Ice conditions in Northeast

Sep 18, 2022
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Camden, Maine
Yes, I realize it’s still February, but given this crazy winter I was wondering what ice conditions might be like in Mass and Connecticut. I have a few days off next week and thought I might drive south.
Folks were out ice fishing yesterday in NW CT. The water I drive by on the way to Hartford, is wide open.

I don't think there is any ice left in RI...not that there ever was much this year. I imagine things are similar in most of CT, and certainly in SE Mass.
I live in CT. I've been canoeing all winter in the Housatonic and Connecticut River and their tributaries.
I haven't come across ice that would slow a canoe.
I've been hoping to start the paddling season this weekend. It's supposed to be 50F-ish both days here. Pushaw Stream in Old Town never gets much ice, and it was open even before today's rains.
Whatever ice exists on higher altitude lakes in NW CT may be gone next week when temps are supposed to go up into the 50's and even 60's. Rivers are open as ScottS says.
Another resource is the NASA daily visible satellite shot. The only drawback is that if it's cloudy you may need to click back several days to see anything.

Snow depth in this image is in centimetres.......besides depth, the density is also a factor. (image is from Windy.com)

Here is today's image from space....from Zoom Earth which uses the same Sat images as the NASA site but I prefer the Zoom interface.

Southern New England is going to get rain - 1-3 inches.


Every river in sounthern New Engalnd will be running on Sunday. It's Palm Sunday, but hopefully I'll be able to get out. This storm is the best of both worlds if you live around here. Rain to bring the rivers up this weekend, Snow to put some water in the bank for April up north.