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Hit by a Car on Bike

I feel for you BF. I was once an avid cyclist doing 4000+ miles annually in the upper Mid-West. But due to living in densely populated urban area between Milwaukee and Chicago I don’t ride much anymore due to too much heavy traffic and numerous distracted drivers.
Best of luck in your recovery. I had a similar incident years ago. As soon as the driver who hit me found out I was OK, they drove off. Had to walk the rest of the way home as my wheels were totally bent. Not fun. Can't imagine how you must be but hope for the best. Good luck getting ready for your paddle in 10 days.

That's all for now. Take care and until next time...be well.

Man alive, that’s a drag. Glad nothing broke, but soft tissue damage can linger too. Of the 4 of us roommates in college, I’m the only one who hasn’t been in a bike/traffic accident. I did however wreck my dirt bike in the woods and dislocate my shoulder. I hope you make a full recovery without lingering issues. I have some issues still with my shoulder, a tennis backhand swing for example can be a problem. Sometimes I have to put my arm down and restart a motion. But I have my full range of motion, and I can paddle, shoot a rifle, and shoot a bow so I’m grateful.
I would highly recommend a good physical therapist. I tore a rotator cuff last Thanksgiving (fourth time) and spent most f the winter doing specific exercises to recover range of motion and strength. I hated missing the first 3 months of an epic Ski season, but have nearly fully recovered in time for canoe season. First time out last week and no problems, including pressing the canoe up onto the top of the rack on the Tundra. many of the exercises are not intuitive and my PT really knew her stuff. I felt fortunate to avoid surgery, unlike some of my biking buddies who have had multiple unsuccessful operations on rotator cuffs. If it is even a partial tear I can’t imagine you paddling in 10 days. Hopefully it is only a bruise or sprain. Good luck from a fellow avid biker and canoeist!
This past winter my wife fell while walking the dog. Just a little bump on the head she said, no need to worry. So we didn't, except our daughter did. So, hours of ER time spent with doctors and nurses and a couple CT Scans later our neurosurgeon said to us "See, at your age(s) you've plenty to be cautious about. It doesn't take much of a bump to leave bruises." Now, weeks later, all is as well as can be for the two of us. And although neither of us live in fear we do live a little more cautiously. As I type this my wife is putting the final touches to our picnic lunch we'll be taking along on our cycle ride today. As I slowly spin along I'll send out good vibes and best wishes to you Blackfly, in the hopes you heal well and get back to doing what brings you joy as soon as you are able. Paddling your canoe, riding your (next) bike, or walking the dog.
Take care.
keep a close eye on her, a friend was in a minor car accident and hit her head on the side window (didn't break the glass) Doctor said it was only a bump, about a year later she developed severe migraines , nausea, and vertigo, and is now diagnosed with concussion syndrome....
Sorry to hear, but glad it wasn't worse. Could easily have been. Many close calls for me over the years, but so far so good.

And get the bike checked by a shop. If your wheels are that trashed, I bet the frameset is too. And get a new helmet.
Hope the recovery is going well & you'll be paddle-ready in time for your trip. If you're going to keep getting yourself beat up like that, you might need to look for a pup that can carry the boat on portages. I mean, yellow dog looks happy in the front but if he could carry the boat...

PS: Glad it wasn't far worse.
Ambulance ride yesterday. Spine board, neck brace, whole ball of wax. Got t-boned on my bike turning onto my street...
That's my worst fear, getting clocked by an inattentive driver, and they're everywhere. Hope your injuries heal well and you're good to go before too long.