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Helping some young people out.

Sep 25, 2022
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S. Central Alaska
As some of you know, we are moving into dip-net season. Some of you saw my offerings while outfitting my own “dip ship”; and now i have a young family who are excited about the prospect of putting up a bunch of red’s and i‘m getting to mentor them along the way.
I knew a lady with an old Coleman 17ft canoe that had a pretty good leak in the bow, so we bought it right and right now we’re repairing and outfitting it for the soon to be season opener. These folks can spell canoe but that’s about it, so this is a lot of fun for both of us.
While trying to cover all the bases i realize how much i normally take for granted so i catch my self slowing down and backing up a lot. They are good students and we will be ready in time. I intend to haul all the gear to the lake and give them some hands on as well. Who would have though this old Coleman could be so much fun?


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Sounds like a lot of fun! Did you have to heat the poly up before applying the g-flex, or did it adhere fine with just a sanding?
After scrubbing out the slit i blew it dry with air. On the outside a herking skid plate was used to seal the worn thru area and i didn't disturb that so all the prep was from the inside. A shop light was suspended above the repair for warmth and it stayed until the G-flex wasn't sticky any longer.

My confidence in G-flex is un-wavering and it was the go to all those years i had the salt water boat. There was a high pucker factor the day i hole sawed a 3 1/2 inch hole in the bottom of the hull and glued in a transducer but 20 years later it’s still in place and never a problem.


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During todays opener i caught 9 Reds and my cadets caught 13. It was a slow day fish wise but we’ve still got plenty of time to finish up. It was a blue bird day and im guessing 600 people showed up. The cadets used 2 of the 4 carbon paddles i made last winter and i think i’ll just consider them gifted!
When you take folks who can barely spell canoe into this environment you’re never sure how it will turn out. I gave them Gold stars and call the graduates. The road on both sides of the bridge had folks parking in the ditch for several hundred yards each direction. Then the banks were lined with folks for 1/4 mile and of course “the boat people” had they’re regular S- -t show going on.
All the “dip ship” upgrades functioned just fine but i added 5lbs. to the anchor set up.


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