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Hello from CT

Apr 25, 2024
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SW Conn.
Hi, Glad to be on this site. I've been around canoes for a while (mostly OT 174s) but just recently have started to refurbish them. I love how my woodworking passion and canoeing can mix. Hope to gain lots of info as well as give it, if possible.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
If you think refurbishing those Old Town canoes ignites your passion for woodworking, what’s gonna happen when you build your first wood strip canoe??
Browse around the build threads, there’s quite a large building community here, you should join us!
Oh, and welcome to the forum
Kray, welcome to site membership! Feel free to ask any questions and to post messages, photos and videos, and to start threads, in our many forums. Please read Welcome to CanoeTripping and Site Rules! Also, please add your location to the Account Details page in your profile, which will cause it to show under your avatar, as this is a geographic sport. Many of the site's technical features are explained in Features: Help and How-To Running Thread. We look forward to your participation in our canoe community.

There are several members here from Connecticut including me.
Welcome to the forum Kray. Always nice to have another woodworker hanging around but please don't be too critical of those, like me, who love wood but prefer to butcher it into the shape(s) that we prefer.

I'll look forward to following along with your repair threads.