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Favorite Access Sites / Signs

Dec 16, 2016
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Bangor, Maine
This didn't quite fit in Murat's Carry Signs thread so I'm forking, as it were.

This delightful sign is at a local launch on the Penobscot River at Eddington Bend, roughly the head of tide. It's a good place to take out after running the "new" (since dam removals) whitewater on the main stem of the river between Old Town and Bangor. The launch is a path down to the water with the brush cleared, and a grassy patch. Minimal, but perfect for the paddler.


I really dig the long roofline on that station wagon, an excellent car topping vehicle even if it only exists on some (long since retired) graphic designer's desk.

Thanks to the Eddington Salmon Club, of course. Hope they'll some day be able to fish for salmon again.