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Cranberry Lake to Cat Mt. Pond

Aug 1, 2011
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North Creek NY
Did a quick but hot solo trip from Wanakena to Janack's Landing. Paddled Glasby Pond and stayed at Cat Mt. Pond. I went in on Friday, 7/13 and was originally going to hit Bassout and Cowhorn Pond on Saturday and come out on Sunday, but the possiblility of T-storms on Sunday, caused me to cut the trip short and come out on Saturday. I did hike to Bassout Pond and hope to get back up there to paddle that and the other ponds in the area.


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Looks good! Thanks. How is Cranberry for winds and waves? As bad as most?
I've heard stories, but it wasn't bad the two days I was on it. I does have very specific navigation lanes due to underwater obstacles of a man made lake. That make's it easier to stay away from power boaters.