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Churchill River Canoe Outfitters Sold

Glenn MacGrady

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Oct 24, 2012
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"After 35 years owning and running Churchill River Canoe Outfitters (CRCO), Ric Driediger has decided it’s time to step away and go paddling.

"Located in the little town of Missinipe in Northern Saskatchewan, CRCO offers full canoe trip outfitting, guided trips, paddling courses, shuttle services and cabin rentals to those looking to explore the wild Churchill River and surrounding lakes and rivers."

Good for Ric, it sounds like a win/win for him and the new owner. Hopefully it will also be good for Rics clients. If you read Cliff Js comment at the end it will make you want trip up there.

The article didn't mention whether or not Ric will still be making Campfire Tents. Time may be running out for anyone that is thinking of getting the original design, like the ones used by Bill Mason.
Last August I stopped in at CRCO to talk to Ric and pick up a couple maps. I didn't realize he had one foot out the door. I think he's been there, doing that for almost 50 years. Indeed there is a surprising amount of country up there to explore. There's a core area of well travelled routes with cleared portages around Missinipe, surrounded by seemingly unlimited possibilities. No permits at all required for us from south of the border, and fantastic fishing. I was surprised to see the entire Churchill River in algae bloom last year, which Ric said he had never seen before in all his years.

They’re not going to let you use your own vehicle anymore for shuttles. Gonna cost more for that service.