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Cell phone coverage in the Adirondacks

I recently learned on a work trip that some places in Florida still lack cell service. Meaning our data acquisition tablet was useless. However, my iPhone was able to display our location on aerial images using the onboard GPS receiver. So we completed the trip scouting drill sites and collecting samples by taking screenshots of the phone’s display and making copious notes, like we used to “back in the day”.

If lost while hiking chances are I have my Garmin GPS. But if not I’ll have my phone and it’s nice to know I can find myself with the GPS chip and find my way out. Providing I have enough battery life…
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Something I have learned recently regarding service in ADK, the phone also matters. I have an iPhone XR, my husband has a newer iPhone SE. We both have Verizon, he gets service in places I don't. I use Gaia GPS for offline navigation, and it works fine all over the area. It seems once we pass Forestport, there is no service until we get into Old Forge. Then there is spotty service as you go up the chain of lakes there.
Random tidbit: I had enough 4G service to easily load web pages this weekend at our campsite on Fish Creek opposite the mouth of Copperas Pond (Floodwood/Rollins area).

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I'm bringing an old thread back from the grave, but......FWIW the CalTopo website can show an optional map layer for cell phone coverage for Verizon, AT&T, and/or T-Mobile. I would take this information with a large grain of salt, because CalTopo shows coverage at my house, where the signal is very poor. Still, these maps might be useful for planning purposes. Here is a map of cell coverage in the National Forest near me:

That cal topo map is cool.. Of course we are going to Fl for paddling and camping where there is no cell service. The map is quite accurate as far as I know as I have called Verizon to find out why we have no cell service. Their maps says we do . We don't. Cal Topo says we don't. We live under a small mountain so it makes sense to have no service. Shows that canoeing in Northern Maine you get nada.
In CalTopo, I can select a cell phone coverage map layer and then my cell phone carrier to see what area of my trip has coverage. So far, it seem to be pretty accurate.
No service this weekend on Spectacle Lake, Good Luck Lake, the West Branch of the Sacandaga, or even in Caroga Lake, the nearest hamlet to the put-in on the West Branch.

Galaxy S10 w Verizon.
FWIW, Gaia GPS has cell coverage layers as well. The data is reported by the carriers to the FCC, then turned into map layers.