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Canoe camping mattresses 2018

Jan 13, 2018
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I have a Nemo Tensor insulated 25r coming to me in the mail. I have tried quite a few over the past 30 years from simple foam all the way up to the over rated, crinkly, bounsy Thermarest Ultralight Neo. I was always looking for the latest, greatest and lightest, for climbing trips and now vol biv paragliding, in addition to Hornbecking. I have come to a few conclusions as I get older and am less willing to rough it-
1. self inflating is nice.
2. light means it will pop or leak eventually.
3. wider is better especially if it's a thicker or horizontal baffle mattress, unless you like lying on a log (20" wide mattress and your arms are off the edges).
4. if you can carry it, take a thinner foam plus an inflatable.
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