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Building the New Canadian Canoe Museum


I was lucky enough to get a Members invite to the Museum on Sunday before it opened the the public on Monday.
To say that the new building is spectacular is an understatement- it is a good as the architects renderings suggested it would be! The attention to detail is incredible- the maps, displays and interior finishes are all terrific.
I didn't spend enough time looking at the exhibits- too many people to catch up with!- but I can return regularly. A couple of the take aways: the over 500 watercraft not on display are in one place in client controlled environment and accessible to new custom built steel racking; Becky Mason was on hand and delighted in telling all about her Dad's canoes on display; Ian Tamblyn and Jerry Vandiver ("Too Many Canoes"!) all afternoon entertained in the Great Hall...There are still finishing touches needed here and there, but it is already well worth the drive to Peterborough.
The piece de resistance for me as a local, was being able to pull up tp the docks for my visit!



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