Bending Branches paddels great customer service.

Jan 31, 2013
Middle of the Florida paddling paradise
Have to tell you about some great customer service from Bending Branches. Bought a Bending Branches BB Special 52” bent shaft last December from Campmor.

Last Saturday while on the Silver river in Ocala I noticed a crack on the non power face of the paddle. It did not go all the way through to the back/power face and mostly followed along the edge the center shaft until the Bending Branches logo and then the crack went into the center shaft down to the rock guard but not through the rock guard. Sent an email when home off to Bending Branches asking about the best way to repair the paddle. Should I put a layer of fiberglass on the front or any other ideas? Did not tell them but I was even thinking of forcing it to break all the way then glue it back to together.

They had a very interesting idea indeed. Cover it under warranty! First email I had back from them asked for my address so they could send me a call tag. So I emailed them back my address and was looking around trying to figure out how I was going to find a box to send the paddle back to them in. The next day I get an email back saying they were sending a new paddle and to send the old one back in the same box with the provided call tag. In this day and age to find a company that will go out of their way like this with out asking for a credit card number or having you pay the freight back to them so they can inspect the item first is unheard of. Today a week after it cracked I had a new replacement paddle delivered by FedEx ground on a Saturday.
Jun 12, 2012
Appleton, Maine
Great story, I'm glad you shared it with us and they get some well deserved credit. I agree, it's hard to find a company who will take your word and start the process to fix the problem without a whole lot of paperwork. LL bean is the same way and I was happy to give them credit when due.
Bending Branches makes a good paddle for a reasonable price, maybe not for everyone, but most people who paddle canoes have a whole lot more things first to spend money on before canoe paddles and it's nice to know if you lay out the money you will get a product the company stands behind...

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