And now for something completely different...

Sep 2, 2011
Raymond, ME
EEK? $640.

It's not a really cold weather bag and would be ideal for summer Ontario camping or shoulder season as well as Florida winter camping where any getting out of the sleeping bag to pee involves getting eaten by insects.

I dislike getting stuck in my sleeping bag with a balky zipper when nature calls.. This one would require unzipping the foot box.. getting out and rolling it up as needed (I hope) and never having to rewarm the bag!

I want one.. it also doubles as a quilt for hangers! The center zipper makes so much sense..


Ideal in very cold weather. It can be used as a coat and inner sleeping bag. In the 1960s we used WWII surplus down double bags, good down to -42° experience speaking. The coat would have been nice. Winter is not a great time to try ultra light backpacking.