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A new seat was needed.

Feb 5, 2023
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Germany, Nohn
A new seat was needed.

After I had finally made my first multi-day paddle tour with a friend, I painfully realized that the seat was not usable for me.
So I built a new one.
The new seat will be installed more to the middle of the boat so that the boat is also better trimmed at the same time.
Here are now the individual construction stages in pictures to see.

P1200786.jpg . P1200785.jpg

P1200783.jpg . P1200789.jpg

Quite nice - but too small for sitting near to the gunwale.
It was therefore necessary to widen.

P1000420.jpg . P1000423.jpg . P1000446.jpg

And new mesh.

P1000453.jpg . P1000455.jpg . P1000456.jpg

P1000458.jpg . P1000459.jpg . P1000460.jpg

P1000461.jpg . P1000462.jpg . P1000463.jpg

P1000464.jpg . P1000472.jpg . P1000473.jpg

Now I have made a seat bench out of a seat, which hopefully works better.

P1000474.jpg . P1000475.jpg . P1000476.jpg

P1000477.jpg . P1000478.jpg

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Clever idea ?! mhmm - for me it was the only thing to do so whithout building a complete new seat.

with this constructiuon now I have three sections where I can sit on ... during a paddelingday. And will it be nessecary I can kneel also in front of the seat bench and can lean to it.



and if the seat works well - then my grin gets even wider.

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A wide, centralized seat on which you can slide close to the gunwale or kneel off is a very versatile addition to a canoe. I agree your skills are very clever, creative and einfallsreich. In addition, your detailed pictures will surely inspire others in the future to DIY their own canoe outfitting projects. Thanks for posting them.