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1960’s Scout hatchet make-over

Sep 25, 2022
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S. Central Alaska
This is my Scout Hatchet from about the time Kennedy was shot! Of course the Haft was poor so i removed it and cleaned up the head; deboning a bit and bringing the edge close to something useable. Then it lay in a tool box drawer for 15 years! It’s time to finish this project.

The English was left over from a stock project. The Haft is fitted and waiting for the stain to dry. The head has been browned and waiting to be glued to the haft in the morning.


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I'm not familiar with the term "the English", what is it? Are you going to make a leather sheath?
Nice hatchet.
I have an old Plumb Scout Hatchet from the late 60's early 70's that I keep meaning to pull out and clean up. This thread might be the motivation I need to get it done.

The wood is “English walnut”, left over from a rifle stocking job from years past.

Birchwood Casey makes a Plum brown solution that’s easy to use and lasts forever. And like the original;
the head will be glued to the Haft, using G-flex.
As a Forester I have a collection of axes, misery whips, mauls, adzes and fire fighting equipment. The irony is that I now take two different kinds of blood thinners. An accident with an axe could be life threatening. I don't use them at all.

For fires in the bush I just put the end of a long branch or log and push as it burns, Indian style. Stop working so hard.
A few years ago, I picked up a few hand axes, at local auctions. They were fun to resharpen, and I made a few sheaths for some. It is satisfying to put a good edge on an old axe !

I like the Carbon fiber addition to the Heel ? That might be a good idea to protect the shaft near the head. Especially on an axe with a less pretty handle.
I have poured left over epoxy, from a glassing job, cementing the shaft to the head of a few axes.
Nothing as nice looking as yours !

@Jim Dodd, thanks for the kind words. These pictures are of the project not quite done!! This morning when i glued the Haft; i did wrap a section below the head with carbon tow to provide some protection/support; and to give a nice contrast to the carbon Heel. Tomorrow i’ll dress that up a bit and begin oiling the handle, then it will be done.