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    White Gas Stoves

    I have generally travelled really light in recent years since my trips that involved flying have been bicycle touring or backpacking so taking a home made pop can alcohol burner was the answer for me. They have never been a problem. If I wanted to it would be easy enough to make a new one for...
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    Please put a screw-off lid on my Denatured Alcohol

    The basic idea wasn't mine. I did come up with using the piece of syringe body though. Any way I find it really handy. BTW, you may or may not find that you want/need a vent hole in the opposite side of the cap from the spout. If you use a vent hole obviously you need to use the regular cap...
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    It's going away

    Yep, I can relate. Interests come and go. Most of them come back again, sometimes in a little different form. It keeps life interesting. Just fill your time and energy with something else. Life is full of wonderful opportunities to pursue.
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    Please put a screw-off lid on my Denatured Alcohol

    For what it is worth... I found this little hack to be useful, It was based on a factory made cap that I used to have, but I made this one from a regular cap. It is handy for dispensing tiny amounts for priming or even filling small stoves, filling lighters, and so on. This particular beat up...
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    Please put a screw-off lid on my Denatured Alcohol

    I have used a smaller bottles in the shop from time to time. I use denatured alcohol as camp fuel so I often have it smaller bottles for that. For the majority of my camping use that is either bike touring backpacking where I don't need to carry much because I restock frequently so the 12 ounce...
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    Useless countdown activities

    Back in the day when I paddled all the time I was perpetually packed to head out for the weekend and just headed out each weekend after throwing a boat on the roof rack. For longer trips I did a bit more but wasn't overly obsessed with the process. When I started doing more backpacking and bike...
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    Painting a fiberglass canoe..??

    Interlux Brightside can yield a beautiful yacht like finish, but is a little pricey. It can be done with a foam roller tipped over with a foam brush. The technique shown on the CLC website can yield a perfect or near perfect finish if done well. If done properly there is no sign of brush or...
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    Can I borrow your axe?

    Yeah, no way it makes sense to loan a well loved tool. A tool that belonged to may dad or grand dad or even one that was from a yard sale years ago that I restored and feel a connection to isn't getting loaned out. Something I can buy another one just like from Lowes for $50 maybe, but even...
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    Reflector Oven

    This thread really brings back memories. I haven't used my reflector oven in decades. I'd guess maybe 40 years. I will say that I was a popular guy in camp when I did use it. Folks really loved some fresh baked goods in camp. I'll have to dig it out when my wife and I start travelling more...
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    What Do You Troll?

    It has been long enough that I don't remember how much weight, but probably less than that. We used a bit of fairly heavy mono leader for pike and I think my uncle even used wire sometimes. I am almost 70 and am remembering back from when I was a kid so memory is hazy....
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    What Do You Troll?

    I believe that is another that has been around over 100 years.
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    What Do You Troll?

    That is the one. I think it was an old favorite that had been around half a century even way back then so it is a real oldie. It celebrated it's 100 year anniversary a few years ago I think.
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    What Do You Troll?

    Way back in the day when I fished with my uncles and cousins in Minnesota and Wisconsin lakes we often trolled a Daredevil with good results. If memory serves we used some lead to get it down deeper sometimes and a good ball bearing swivel to keep the line from getting twisted. That was over...
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    Senior Consolidated Fishing License

    What a bizarre law and work around. Florida is pretty non-restrictive about knives. I will have to remember to be careful when I travel since I am in the habit of open carrying a knife and don't give it a thought. I guess I could be arrested in some states. You can open carry pretty much any...
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    Senior Consolidated Fishing License

    Here in Florida once age 65 you just have to show your resident drivers license.