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Wyoming suggestions for river trip

Jan 27, 2024
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Chandler az
My friend and I are looking for a 3 to 4 day kayak trip in Wyoming with either flat water or class one and maybe class 2 rapids
We are older so anything larger would be a problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Smooth water is fine just enjoy floating on a river. Thanks in advanced
We did a 3-4 day trip on the Green River in Wyoming about 25 years ago. I just looked at the route on Google Earth and it doesn’t look like it has changed much. We put in on the New Fork River south of Pinedale and took out at the top of the Fontenelle Reservoir. We saw no other boaters but a lot of wildlife. This section is Class 1 at most and winds through public and private land, with mostly wooded areas along the banks. We did it in open canoes with one decked canoe (Sawyer Loon) which is like a sea kayak. The source of the Green is Green River Lakes in the Wind River Range. There is a class 2-3 stretch Just below the lakes. I would run this river again. It is also navigable below the reservoir all the way to Flaming Gorge, however camping is not permitted in the wildlife refuge for about 50 miles.
May I suggest the North Platte in the upper watershed. Great fishing, no people, go camping and lots of wildlife.
What is your level of paddling ability? You can start in Colorado. Check the guide books. Many choices. For canoes not too high in the watershed. You can go all the way to the Miracle Mile near Casper.
The river gets easier below Encampment, WY. Then it is mostly just class I with good current. It is actually a great canoeing river but few people do overnight trips.
My friend and I are looking for a 3 to 4 day kayak trip in Wyoming

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Unfortunately, I know nothing about rivers or lake trips in Wyoming. However, I did buy my invaluable LaFuma recliner at the Sierra Trading Post in Cheyenne in 2004 on my way from Connecticut to California.