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WTS: Three Duluth Packs

Mar 31, 2018
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Delta Jct, Alaska
I'm cleaning out he gear shed and selling off excess gear
All of these packs are in great condition and need a new home.
I don't remember the model #s but the far right pack is a "kitchen".
The left pack is 26" wide......seam to seam.
$350 for the lot. .......TYD USAduluth pack.jpg
Nice packs, that’s a great price for someone who wants to start fresh with canvas packs. I had one of those kitchen packs, is that a utensil pack above the kitchen pack, if so, that’s a good deal.
Good luck with the sale.
Thank you Deerfoot! I grew up near Duluth and used their packs long before moving to Alaska 50 years ago. Age is catching up to me and my heirs have no idea what a Duluth Pack is. I'm hoping another canoetripper can put them to good use.