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Wabakimi - Lookout River, Berg River, Whitewater Lake, Caribou River

Jan 26, 2021
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Peterborough, ON
Here is a detailed report of my 10-day Wabakimi experience in early August 2022.

We got on the train at Sudbury Junction and got off 16 hours later at Schultz's Trail. We mapped out the trip on our own and did the trip without the assistance of an outfitter. We arranged Wabakimi Clem to pick us up and shuttle us back to Armstrong to catch our train home. He was very reliable, and an incredibly nice fellow to boot.

It was an amazing experience that I highly recommend.

https://www.canoedaddy.com/home/trip-re ... -lake-loop
Very much brought back memories of several trips to Wabakimi and a pic of the rapids we missed the portage on going downriver into Funger Lake..With a kevlar canoe.. We finished up our ten day trip nevertheless.

Fantasia portage used to be beautiful but blowdowns and microbursts and I believe a forest fire have altered that scenery. It used to be a wonderland of moss and of course blueberries..Took us two hours to do that one because we were eating...
Lovely trip report!
Nice trip report and a great demonstration of how a Wabakimi trip can be done without expensive outfitter assistance. And Clem Quenville is a great guy and very reliable. I first met him in 2007 when he picked us up at the end of a trip at a logging road bridge on the Big Rv.
We were up there at the same time except we came down from Burntrock to Tamarack Lake. How's that 15' prospector? We you the only one in it or were there two of you?
Very nice TR. I was with a group that traveled much of the same area in August 2008. We crossed the park from Davies Lk on the west side to the Ogoki Reservoir on the east. I guess we were lucky on our trip which wasn’t too buggy.
Always good to see trip reports like this ! If I was only 40 years younger ? I'd be doing that ! Thanks for taking us along !
Oh it would have to be in a Stripper ! ;)

Thanks everyone. ...and Jim, my father did it in his 70s..this year we are planning on trying both the Allanwater and the Kopka
Thanks for pointing that out, Gamma. Maybe try this one:

Btw, loving your Steel River Thread.