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Vintage Canoe Company Catalog Links



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These links to old catalogs or retired models have been mentioned on different threads, but I thought I’d bring them together on one post. Awfully handy when looking at an ad for some little known used canoe model.

Wenonah’s Retired Canoe Models


A couple years ago I asked a contact at Wenonah to consider adding links to their old catalogs. They did one better; links to just the discontinued models is much easier to ISO navigate than searching through every damn catalog page for the last 50 years.

Mad River Catalogs from the early ‘70’s on, courtesy of the Carp and WayBack machine, capturing those once-available links before MRC unexpectedly took them down. Such a disappointment when those links disappeared.


Old Sawyer catalogs, courtesy of the BWCA site and Hans Solo


Mohawk maintains an archive of specs for their flatwater and whitewater canoes



Easy to bookmark those for future reference. I’d love to see the same for other manufacturer’s early canoe catalogs (Wabash/Bell, Dagger, etc) or out-of-business manufacturers (Blackhawk, Stowe, etc).
The Adirondack Museum Library has on-line scans of vintage canoe company catalogs. For example, a 1917 Old Town catalog


Or this 1917 Thompson Brothers catalog


1884 Peterborough Catalog


1885 Gerrish Catalog


1887 Ontario Canoe Company


Newer but still vintage stuff as well. 1964 Grumman catalog


Lots of Old Town catalogs, from early on into later days. This 1975 Old Town catalog has both our Sockeye (Nee Sea Wimp) and the Rushton pack canoe we owned that was passed along to various friend’s children.


1930’s fishing tackle catalogs, paddle & oar catalogs, camping supplies, etc. Canoe companies I had never heard of. Pentz? Or the Spalding St. Lawrence Boat Company (1896)


The search engine is a bit kludgy, and returns links in alphabetical order, but the site is well worth a look. I may fritter away a rainy day just perusing old canoe catalogs.
These links are great. My most vivid memory of canoe literature was a mid 1980s Mad River catalog. I’m not sure I‘d be a canoeist if it hadn’t been for that catalog.