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Videos of Stroughbury Island, Lake Michigan, Upper Michigan.

Sep 11, 2023
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Rapid River, Upper Michigan
A Small Craft Advisory This is a link to some short videos I made of Stroughbury Island in Little Bay de Noc, Lake Michigan, Delta County, Upper Michigan. There are five videos starting with 1, which you might have to scroll to the right to get. I'm just getting the hang of YouTube and videos, so I'm happy I figured out how to upload a video and hopefully will get better at this.

it was a lot of fun, though tough coming back. I got blown all the way to the north end and paddled my way back along the shore. It was so shallow, I could have got out and walked back along the shore, but worry about slipping on a slimy rock and wanted to see if I could fight the current and make it back using paddle power. I used my new double ended kayak paddle, which worked well but is probably a bit too short.

It was a little rough out there today, but I enjoyed the trip. I obviously need to improve on my videographing techniques and learn how to merge videos into one, but it is a start. I hope someone enjoys it.
Lisa, those are great first efforts at canoe videos, and thank you so much for taking the time to post them here for our information and enjoyment.

Since you're brand new to this site, to YouTube, and how to embed videos into posts on this site, I have taken the liberty to directly embed all five of your videos in full view rather than just by a text link to your YouTube home page as you did.

For your information and for others who may not know, the way to embed videos as above is explained HERE.

You can post videos by text link the way you did it or by embedding them the way I just did. It's up to you, but I think it makes the site classier, flashier and more professional looking to use direct embeds of videos. (It pains me to say it, but it also makes the site more visual and social media-like, which is preferentially expected by most current and future generations of our membership pool.)