Valcour Island, Lake Champlain?



I hope to be heading east out of the Adiriondacks in a few weeks, and I’ve heard tantalizing tidbits about paddling out to and camping on Valcour Island south of Plattsburg.

I‘m aware of possible conditions on Lake Champlain; my kith and kin all hail from Chazy, Champlain or Rouses Point and I spent a lot of time fishing on the lake in my younger years. I’d be paddling a decked boat (Monarch) with plenty of time to wait out weather.

I understand that Valcour is part of the ADKs, but I haven’t found much information.

Anyone have the skinny on Valcour Island trips - permits, campsites, maps, where to launch/leave a car on the mainland, etc.


Not been there

Not sure why you haven't found much info. OTOH if you have questions we can't find answers for you might try

Thanks, the Explore ADK coast/press release blog you linked provided as much info as I’d seen:

The Island is maintained by the Department of Environmental Conservation and consists of many day use sites, first come first serve camping sites, and bird sanctuaries.

The Peru boat launch was buzzing with people this Sunday morning all excited to be getting out on Lake Champlain.

How do you get there? Peru boat launch is the nearest access point for all boats. The boat launch is located only a few miles south of the City of Plattsburgh and easily accessibility from interstate 87 by way of exit 35 (Peru / Port Kent) on Route 9. From the City of Plattsburgh, take United States Avenue (Route 9) south. The Peru boat launch is located along the only part of Route 9 that is within a 35mpg zone not far past the Bluff Point Golf Course on the left hand side. from exit 35 ( Peru, port Kent) turn left on Bear Swamp Rd. Follow Bear Swamp Rd to its end on Route 9 and turn left. The Peru Boat launch is a few miles north on the right. there is ample parking available. The launch is clearly marked with a DEC marker as “Peru Boat Launch”.

I had previously seen and printed the hand drawn outfitter map. Other than a few trip reports and YouTube videos Googling varitations of “Valcour Island Paddling” didn’t turn up much useful information.

I might try posting a query or searching on the ADK forums, or I might just wing it.

It looks like a fascinating paddling/camping venue.