The 8th Wonder of the World - Exactly Even G/flex Remains

Jul 6, 2021
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The Hereford Zone along the Mason-Dixon Line
(Not sure if this should be in Outfitting, DIY or Restoration & Repair)

Mon Deux, this never happens. I have two 16oz bottles of G/flex 650, eyeball dispensed in small 50/50 quantities or likewise estimate-mixed in a larger pot of West 105/206. There is approximately 1oz left in each A and B bottle, the resin and hardener levels are a near match.

That’s a first time ever. I have unopened G/flex; with that near perfect 50/50 remainder I feel like saving them to fully empty on some bigger job

Luckily G/flex is forgiving of a less than perfect 50/50 mix. And it keeps well over time.