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Stevens Canoe Works

Jun 12, 2012
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Appleton, Maine
Steve Lapey started tripping in Algonquin Park in 1949, and he spent the next 7 summers exploring the park out of Camp Pathfinders in wood canvas canoes. He was privileged to be in attendance when Omer Stringer gave paddling lessons in his Bob's Special, and he has paddled a wood canvas canoe ever since.

Today, Steve spends his days in his shop in north eastern Massachusetts and restores/builds wood canvas canoes. (stevelapey@comcast.net)With all of his years of tripping experience to guide him, he built a form for a 16' canoe which he calls the Sweet 16. Here is what the Sweet 16 looks like fresh out of the shop.

Sweet Sixteen

Sixteen foot Cruiser

Made at Stevens Canoe Works
Groveland, MA

Ribbed: November, 2005

Completed: February, 2006


Stems: Northern Ash, Laminated

Decks: Maple

Seat Frames: Maple

Thwarts: Maple

Inwales: Sitka Spruce

Outwales: Northern Spruce

Ribs: Northern White Cedar

Planks: Atlantic White Cedar

Exterior Finish: Interlux Brightside: Fire Red

Bright Work: Z-Spar Captain’s Varnish # 1015

Weight: 58 Pounds

Price: $3195.00

Lines taken from a Peterborough wood strip, model 44, modified for wood-canvas construction. This canoe has been built “light” with ¼ inch ribs and number 10 canvas.
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