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Seeking photos of Chestnut decals

Feb 1, 2013
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I'm trying to research and document the subtle changes of the Chestnut Canoe Co decal/logo that occurred over the years to create a timeline.

Hoping folks would be willing to upload and share closeup images of the the decals on their Chestnut canoes along with any details like the approximate year and model of their boat, if known.

All images welcome. Even damaged / worn decals might provide insightful. Would also be interested if your boat was restored and had a reproduction decal put on at a later date. The Canadian Canoe Museum currently has a version of the decal (and has since 2015). Before then there were various forms of repro decals made by Ken Solway in the late 80s/early 90s as well as from Roger MacGregor's Ivy Lea company from the same time period.

Many thanks!
Thanks Patrick. Looks like its been restored and a reproduction decal put on. Do you happen to know per chance if this was recently done? It looks like the decal being currently offered by the Canadian Canoe Museum and the WCHA store.
The previous owners bought the canoe in the Finger Lakes of NY, and brought it to central PA intended as a decoration in their antique shop. They never actually displayed it, and left it in storage, flat on a floor with 'stuff' piled into it. I bought it and replaced some planking, restored and re-caned the seats, installed new canvas, painted and varnished.

The decal, if replaced, was apparently done by the owner in the Finger Lakes, prior to the year 2000 if the sellers from whom I bought it are correct in their timeline. The canvas was original, originally painted red then green as I bought it. The process is illustrated here: