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Removable Floor in Canoe



I suppose I should post a photo, but that will have to wait until I'm back from work. I put a floor in my canoe, primarily for standing while fishing, but also to keep the gear dry should I take on a little water - normally from rain squalls. It's pretty easy, with fast installation and removal. I cut half inch plywood in the shape I want for the space, that will allow the floor to be about 3" off the canoe's actual floor. I cut pool noodles and bind them to form a cushion for the floor, and line the outer edges of the plywood with pool noodles that I've slotted to fit over the ply. This protects the sides of the plastic boat, takes up any space and fits the ply snugly in place. I can stand and fish, stand and paddle and enjoy a flat surface as opposed to having my feet at odd angles. And, I can have it all in or out of the boat in about 2 minutes

Thought I'd pass on the tip.
Jan 31, 2013
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Middle of the Florida paddling paradise
Thinking about stealing your idea for another purpose. Sounds like an good start at a dog seat for a canoe. Saw a dog seat on Song of the Paddle a while back. They used a rubber shower mat with suction cups on the bottom. Then glued closed cell foam on top. Dogs do not like to sit/lay in bilge water. Been looking at building out riggers also. Collies (one smooth/one boarder) do not know how to sit/lay still for hours. But then I keep on coming back to the thought that gators find dogs make great snacks.