Polers never have to worry about this

Jul 25, 2012
My stars!! Yellow Canoe that was great! Got to laughing so much my wife and all the dogs came to see what was going on. What a sense of humor that guy has; where he was hitch-hiking with the axe behind his back, priceless!
Thanks Rob
Feb 14, 2013
Too funny!

When paddling, mine is usually the overloaded upstream car- cause I have the 78"-wide rack. The old red/white rig could be left just about anywhere with the keys in it and unlocked. A proper thief would be too embarrassed to be seen in that. New rig is keyless entry - so I can leave the key in that one too, but locked (so long as I remember to turn off the headlights).

I figured out once that you can keep from missing an obscure and unfamiliar take-out by tying a scarf to an overhanging tree at the start of a poling trip. Worked great when I used it. I figure that someday, someone will take the scarf as river-booty......