Pennsylvania Gatherings



I'm brand new to the site and I'm delighted to see folks from Pennsylvania on here. I reside in Tennessee now but am from a small town in Western PA named Scottdale. It's near Ligonier, 7 Springs Ski Resourt, Uniontown and 50 minutes East of Pittsburgh in Laural Highlands. I noted with great interest about meets and get togethers in Western Pa. Does anyone have any details on dates and times. I get back to PA once in a while and would love to haul the canoe with me to enjoy some good company on the water in PA. Nice site here. Love it. I have a blog also and it has some canoe info on it. I do wildlife photography primarily from a boat called a Gheenoe but also use a canoe. Interesting taking shots of wildlife from a tossing boat. There are canoe camping entries but, the search engine on the site will need to be used. Try searching Calderwood Lake. Does anyone canoe the head waters of the Allegheny? Thanks
Sep 2, 2011
Raymond, ME
Western PA Solo Canoe Rendezvous. Coopers Lake Campground right off I 79 at the New Castle exit.'
Also the Connie-Alli-Kiski Sojourn.

PA is known for its several Sojourns held in different parts of the state.

I am sure there are other events, but those are the two I attend as I live pretty far away.