Partners on the Voyage

Jun 12, 2012
Appleton, Maine
In my little canoe shop I have a tin sign nailed to the wall, it's called Partners on the Voyage and it was put out by WENONA canoes. Now I didn't know WENONA built birch bark canoes, (maybe Beaver can correct me here), but other than that, it's a pleasant painting and I often admire it, kinda puts me in the trippin' mood.

Last night I was looking at it again when I noticed something about the picture that I never had before. The lead guy, I call him Gerald, is carrying a box or maybe a poor man's wannigan and sticking out of the top next to the ax handle is a "cold handle frying pan", the handle has that double steel which never conducts the heat up from the frying pan, so if the handle is kept out of the fire, never a nasty burn to the fingers while cooking some fresh pickerel filets.

My friend, Dennis told me about these frying pans and I have mentioned them before, I never go without one, but I was pleasantly surprised to see one in this picture.


It sure looks like that artist knew his subject. I like tin signs, but haven't seen any of paddling lore. A nice scene you can step right into.