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Pakcanoe 165 roll-able. Looking at buying one for NFCT.

Thanks Bill. Good suggestion. The only thing I don't have at this point are the maps. I have the Through Paddlers Companion and another book. I am getting the maps as I get closer. I have the Nat Geo maps for the Maine part.

I am not going to get the app. Too much of the adventure has already been removed. Being 'connected' would take even more away.

My brother recently hiked the Continental Divide trail and part of the Pacific Crest trail until the fires forced him off. From the photos I saw, I kind off lost interest in doing those. It seems too connected and crowded. Photos of large groups of hikers on their phones. He says you never really are alone. Maybe his experience was different because it was during covid and trail use surged.

I am hoping the NFCT trail gives me sense of being alone, at least the Maine part.

My brother and his 20 something son are joining me in June for the section of the NFCT I am getting the canoes for. I hope he isn't researching the heck out of it so it stays an adventure. For him the Mud Pond Carry and the Ghost trains could be a surprise. I don't think his son has ever camped in the NE, they live in Utah, so, for his son, everything from moose to blackflies will be new.

My brothers eyes lit up when I told him about a trail where you sat in a canoe most of the time.

You may be disappointed in some parts of the Trail
Some lakes you cross have lots of access and you will share with motorboats
The one advantage of June is the blackflies are out and the fishing good The powerboat warriors usually emerge later
Putting innat Rockwood has a plethora of marinas
Northeast Carry is a town of 200 A handful eill be there in June and you'll walk right by Raymonds Store an institution for years
Once on the West Branch you will be alone til Chesuncook
Civilization there There used to be a ute trail for access to town from The Gokden Rd and now there is a road
There is a car camping area at the exit off Chesuncook
Allagash is better but the trains are now easily accessible by car. Parking lot close by but if arriving by boat you won't see it

The reason for the NFCT was to promote tourism and income for towns it passes near
“I was a little dismayed by all the vehicular intervention. Not sure I'd do it (partly for the cost). There will be bony miles. “

Me and a bud started at Flagstaff Lake and ended at Chesuncook Village a couple of years ago. We poled up all the upstream sections, boat-carted where we could, carried where we couldn't. As we were paddling down the West Branch Penob, a couple of guys in red kayaks passed us and waved. I read later in BDN they did the whole NFCT in 16 days. They had a sag wagon who shuttled them up every upstream section and around every portage. I had to scratch my head (not because I had fleas) but because I was thinking they missed the whole of Spencer Stream and Spencer Lake and since there was a culvert out on Spencer Rips Road, they would have had to put in at the outlet to Attean Pond. Really, it's no wonder they only took 16 days - they missed the best parts!
I heard about them. I haven't seen it officially marked as the fastest, yet. It kind of misses the point. It reminds me of a photo of a cafe in northern Maine that is a stop for many finishing Appalachian through hikers. There was a photo of 2 guys and a car that did the Appalachian trail in hours. Not actually the trail, but the parallel roads from start to finish. I don't think they climbed Katahdin, but probably pulled up to the trail head.

@yellowcanoe. Thanks for the heads up. This will be practice for future trips into Canada. It was disappointing to hear the trains are reachable by car now. I heard someone say there are sometimes as many as 30 people there. Another good reason to rise at dawn and get on the water early.

Good reason to either start at ice out or plan to finish at freeze. Kind of like the Boundary Waters.

Won't see too many north of Flagstaff. I did a pair of NFCT work weekends an only one couple paddling the trail (besides me).

(Kind of fun - the couple were first to stay at a campsite we'd built the day before!)