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Paddled with a bad motor

Nov 14, 2018
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Water was up on the Totogatic, so we launched for a 3 hour tour (a 3 hour tour). I shuttled the car and walked 3.7 miles back to the cabin before launch. This was my first paddle since the accident that left me with back fractures and a separated shoulder. Surgery is scheduled to realign my collar bone, but I wanted to test out what I can do beforehand. I made it to the takeout without too much pain. The back did seize up later. We’re going sea kayaking on Superior Thursday, but it is a tour, so not too difficult if the wind cooperates. Who knows when I’ll paddle again. Recovery is slow after introducing cadaver parts into the mix. I could skip the repair, but this bone is poking my back muscle, so not the strongest connection.

Just felt good to get on the water. Tripping again will be my 2024 goal after the fix. I’ll be walking my fingers up the wall for therapy in November (square one). There’s a chance my canoes will become garage decorations. Let’s hope I get some healthy, compatible cadaver ligaments.
Good luck with your recovery and getting out on future trips. While not the same issues as you're experiencing, I've had time off the water due to injuries. Hope you can make it back in '24 to the level you're hoping for.

That's all for now. Take care and until next time...be well.


I’m now 9 weeks post surgery from a particularly bad rotator cuff tear. It’s still a long road to recovery.

No way am I able to lift the canoe anytime soon so not going to be able to do a canoe trip this year. Might be realistic to think about a short backpacking trip in mid Oct.
I wish you all the best in your trails ahead. I know that with the determination you show you'll be back tripping soon.
I’m headed back for a couple weeks of river running. My shoulder is weak but I can get my NC P15 up on the car. Water should be high and the leaves awesome. Surgery in November, so this is my last hurrah this season. Superior was an angry lady last week and I don’t care to do that again even with two good motors. My hope is to trip next year, but I don’t really know how realistic that is. A lot depends on how well my body heals around the cadaver ligaments they’ll be using to reattach the collar bone. Anyone who’s experienced this type of “used parts” surgery let me know your full recovery time. I think doctors understate recovery, in general.