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Old Town Pack value?

May 21, 2023
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I’ve been on the hunt for an Old Town Pack and I finally found one. I’m wondering what these are worth and what is a decent price? It looks to be in great shape considering its age. He says he bought it new 10 years ago and it has always been stored inside. Only a few scratches which from what I have read, is to be expected with a Royalex boat.

He wants $700 and I’m inclined to pay it. Is that a fair deal? The cheapest one I have seen for sale was for $600 and it was beat to death and spraypainted black. All of the rest have been asking at least $800…. I have a feeling if I dont buy it and he posts it for sale, it’ll be gone quick as these seem to be desirable in my area.

Heres a few photos he sent me. He’s holding it for me until Saturday when I can pick it up.

I know one thing, my back will thank me for the times when a short hike is required to put my canoe in the water. I love the Oldtown Next and comfy seat but at 59lbs, it isn’t the best thing to carry around lol. I can kneel all day without it hurting my back and it looks like the Pack would allow that easily?IMG_1992.jpegIMG_1991.jpegIMG_1993.jpeg
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That seems reasonable to me. The ABS/Royalex canoes have been selling for top dollar recently and the Pack model has been especially strong. Asking prices of $1000 or more are not unusual. Good luck,

He wants $700 and I’m inclined to pay it. Is that a fair deal?

Ten year old canoe in never-again-available Royalex with a few unimportant scratches? Not a canoe I've ever been interested in, but if you are, I think the answer is an easy YES. It could last you a lifetime.
Thanks! I just wanted to make sure I wasnt getting too excited and then have to deal with buyers remorse haha.
Its right in the sweet spot for me and my budget. Nice enough to enjoy but not so expensive that I’ll be scared to use it.
never-again-available Royalex

Royalex may not be available any more but the information at the first link below indicates that T-Formex is very close. The second link confirms that the Esquif Adirondack model has a list price of $1399 and is similar to the Old Town Pack model. A $700 Pack in good condition seems great when compared to the Adirondack.


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T-Formex seems to have a reputation of being as tough as Royalex but a bit heavier and more expensive. It certainly has not yet achieved anything close to the demand that Royalex had. Royalex was ubiquitous. Right now, T-Formex canoes are available primarily from Esquif (the developer) and Wenonah. Perhaps demand for it will increase as it becomes better known.

Esquif Adirondack model has a list price of $1399

We have a 2021 Esquif Adirondack in our Classifieds forum right now for $1,000 in Binghamton, NY.

That Pack has the late model decal and shows almost no wear at the stems, so a really good price. $700 for a Pack in the Northeast US is about average, but the condition of yours looks above average. Here are some comparables;
I’m definitely going to go snag it. If I don’t I’ll just be kicking myself and then I’ll start looking for another one.

If I didnt work 60 hours a week Id already have picked it up.
I'd buy it but I don't believe in buyer's remorse and the answer to all "should I buy" questions is always "Absolutely!" Money that didn't at least try to buy happiness was probably misspent IMO.

(Besides, if everything you're seeing available is well above the current asking price, you can flip it and make a buck.)
Do you guys think the 260 kayak paddle that I use with my Next will work just as well for the Pack or should I be on the lookout for a different paddle as well?
I think a 260CM would be fine, if you want to stick with a kayak paddle. Then you might start thinking about outfitting, especially if you liked the creature comforts of the Next.
A bit off topic but I remember running into two guys on the Oswegatchie years ago. They were in the same Old Town "Pack" canoe and it was loaded to the gills with camping gear. They told me they made an annual spring trip on the river and never had a problem with the load they carried. If nothing else, I was amazed at how much weight that small hull was able to support; although I wouldn't have wanted to be in it at the time...😂

That's all for now. Take care and until next time...be well.

...the 260 kayak paddle that I use...
(gasp!) I always admire those who admit their sins publicly and we're here to support you throughout your recovery struggles.

(yes, your double will work but you'll stay drier, have better boat control (and just be more amazing overall) by switching to a single blade) :)
Haha thanks guys. I might well get a regular paddle. I’ve never used a kayak but my guess is that paddling the Next is more like paddling a kayak than a canoe and would be hard for me with a single blade. You sit down into it and for me, once I’m in the seat I’m not moving much. Kind of stuck there until I get back to shore lol. I’m looking forward to paddling the Pack with the regular seat. It may not be as good for my back but I’ll have room to move around a little and can always paddle kneeling if I need/want to. Lifting it onto my car will be sublime compared to the Next. 50+lbs doesn’t seem like much (and it isn’t) until you’re lifting something that’s 50lbs and 13’ long😂

That seat looks nice on that Pack. Looks like it just straps onto the existing seat too? I’m also already considering a Wenonah foot bar. I saw another member here installed one in his Pack.
Clemens, is that your Pack? Did some of them come with the OldTown badge/plate or was that added?
what is the source of all those pictured comparables with sold prices?

I suspect that he was searching the Facebook Marketplace as shown below. He was more successful in limiting the search to just pack canoes. There is a similar search available for successful eBay auctions but fewer pack canoes have shown up there recently.