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October 14th 2023 Lake Taghkanic NYS Park day gathering

Ok I’m game for a day trip until the showers.
I went last Saturday and the office by the beach opens at 8:00. That is where you buy your $10 permit. I’ll probably pull in around 9:00. Driving a silver. It was windy last weekend also. I did a short walk around the campsite checking them out. I forgot about the many platforms they have for tents. I’ll bring a stove to warm up some food after the paddle.
Well, the weather report is for a cloudy day in the 50's with only a slight chance of a little rain. I would certainly go were I not hampered this season with a few annoyances. I hope some folks show up and have a good time.
Even tho it was only @coldfeet , @Curlymoe and myself, we had a lovely time doing a circumnavigation of the lake, trying each others boats, and grilling up some bagels and brats at a lakeside picnic table. The weather was fine, the lake and beach were delightfully calm and quiet with just a few other folks around, and the company was great. We all agreed we'd attempt to make this the first of what we hope will become an annual gathering!
It's not far from me and I would have attended had I not been hampered by some issues this season.