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North branch of the Kogaluk (Labrador) 1994

Oct 8, 2014
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I ran across this "old school" -transcribed from VHS - video on YouTube.

Perhaps because I'm old, I really enjoyed it. Paddling and portaging through beautiful, rugged country, rarely visited.

The tandem paddlers - Alan, Dave, Ann, Wendy - were instrumental, years ago, in starting the Vermont "Wilderness Paddlers Gathering", which several forum members attended this past year.

The soloist and videographer, Dick Irwin, likely has one of the best paddling resumes in Canada.

You may enjoy it as well.

I enjoyed that, some great camera work under difficult conditions. They sure were proficient in getting those loaded canoes thru the rapids. Thanks for the heads up.
Great video, so unlike many of the modern youtube offerings with all the philosophizing, just great scenes, matter of fact narration, spectacular scenery, really makes me want to get out canoeing!
Very good trip and video. Thanks for posting it, wjmc. I enjoy watching, and engaging in, river paddling and rapids running. Big lakes . . . not so much.