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Hi guys, this is my first post and I am hoping this is in the correct forum. I just inherited my dads Grand laker canoe. The canoe was originally built by Pop Moore back in 1968 or 69. The canoe is glass over wood and is 19'6" long. I spent countless hours fishing in this boat with my dad all over the state of Maine. The canoe has been stored since the early 90's and needs a new set of gunwales both inner and outer and I would love someone who knows these boats to take a look at it and see if it needs anything else to get back in the water. I have the original old 6hp Evinrude that my dad had and it is being brought up to speed and will right back on the transom when she is ready to roll.

Where I am struggling is coming up with a trailer to get the canoe from its location in Brunswick up to my house in Mariaville and then hopefully over to grand lake stream where I am hoping Mr. Tobey will work on it for me. I have been told that EZLoader trailer model EZTP 800 will work with a tongue extension and maybe an extra keel roller. Another guy told me I would be better off with EZloader model EZB 12-14/1000 which has a stronger wishbone frame, torsion suspension and better tires. I can pick this model up for about 800 dollars and then have a local shop extend the tongue an extra 2' pretty cheap. What are other guys using and what is the cheapest way out but still have something that protects the boat and will handle our great roads here in Downeast Maine. These are some pictures from West Grand in the early 70's.




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Jun 12, 2012
Appleton, Maine
Hi Trappererick,
Welcome to the site, that's a great looking Grand Laker, looks neat sitting on the shoreline under the Pine tree. I don't know much about a trailer for that boat, but I do know Dale Tobey somewhat. We stopped at his shop in Grand Lake Stream, Maine last summer after a canoe trip in he area. He knows the Grand Laker canoe for sure, here's one he (on the left with the pencil in his hat) was just finishing up restoring:

And here is his personal Grand Laker he takes clients out in:

If you go to WCHA.ORG (Wooden Canoe Heritage Assc. website) he is a member there and if you post a question there, he might answer. I bet he knows what trailer you need, and he might even have an idea where a used one is.

But don't forget to come back and let us in on how things are going with the canoe. There are a few Grand Laker fans here and it would be great to see it in action. In your last picture the canoe seems to be at home in rough water.