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Music for the drive to, during, or the drive back from canoe trips?

Well, for my road trip to northwest Ontario I downloaded a bunch of new music (mostly older country) from Pandora…unfortunately Pandora doesn’t work in Canada. So I sat in silence, but I did find a nice station in the Ottawa Valley that played 50’s country, a lot of it local talent. That was pretty interesting, and it brought back memories from the late 50’s when that was all we could pick up in the “valley”

On a group trip years ago, while sitting around the campfire I said “22 minutes”
My Canadian friends asked what did I mean.
I said that was how long it took before I heard my first “Lover Boy” tune being played on the radio after crossing the Thousand Island Bridge into Canada!
Just kidding of course, lots of great music coming out of Canada.
I never listen to music on the trail or water, or in a campsite. Driving TO it -- whether a long drive to a weeklong trip, or a day trip -- I listen to a mix of rock (mostly classic or progressive), classical, jazz, blues, and new age space music. I like the contrast, so I might be listening to Beethoven, followed by Johnny Winter, followed by Robert Rich, followed by Pink Floyd, etc. Especially with a canoe trip, near the end of the drive I tend to listen to some calm new age music, like "Nest" by Robert Rich, or "North of Niagara" by Mychael Danna & Tim Clement, to drop into the right frame of mind.
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Sirius . . . the Blend . . . .

Just spent a short vacation in West Virginia and the Poconos for Maggie's birthday and listened to the Blend station for the first time, including while waiting 2 hours in Pennsylvania road construction delays. We both liked it—indeed a nice blend of good songs from many decades. After failing to find any of @lowangle al's wood canoes in the Poconos, we settled for spa and casino music.
Music was sooo much better in my adolescence than today….funny but that’s the same thing my father used to say about music from his adolescence in the 40’s….and he was right too! That big band stuff is awesome.
Music was sooo much better in my adolescence than today….funny but that’s the same thing my father used to say

Yep, it should be added to the list. Death, taxes, and things were better when I was a kid.

Music was sooo much better in my adolescence than today….funny but that’s the same thing my father used to say about music from his adolescence in the 40’s….and he was right too! That big band stuff is awesome.
When my late father was in recovery for a serious health issue he was advised to get out and about going for walks. In addition to that he acquired a treadmill. I remember he mentioned the tediousness of it all, so I thought I'd be helpful by gifting him a new fangled portable tape cassette player with earphones. Rather than guessing what he might like to listen to I dove into his record collection. My mom only let him spin his vinyl on rare occasions in the livingroom on the brand new hifi, and once they even cut the rug on a lazy Saturday afternoon showing me their dance moves from the Swing Era. At every wedding reception they and all my many aunts and uncles used to take over the dance floor disproving the saying "you're only young once". My dad had collected just about everything from the Big Band years so one mixed tape became two, became four...I did this all in secret as I wanted to surprise him. I think maybe I did.
When I gave him the compilation and nifty cassette player/phones he looked at me and said "Just how far do you expect me to walk!?"
The hours I spent listening to his history of Swing on vinyl became an enjoyable kind of time travel for me, and I developed an appreciation and respect for when those old kids were forever young.
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I like a very wide range of music, but I also wouldn’t take a music player with me. I’d take an ukulele or small guitar though.
What kind of music do you like to listen to on long drives to and from canoe trips, and, if you do so, while paddling or in camp? As a more specific subset of this topic, you could list favorite canoe related music as Kevin Callan did in this article:

When all I had was old time AM and FM in my old time vehicles, I used to like to listen to whatever was on the local music stations in the parts of North America I was in. Some of the stations were very funky and creative, unlike the computerized song list stations that now seem to dominate.

When I got an MP3 player I downloaded a lot of music from Napster (and its predecessor). I mostly like 50s-60s rock & roll, 40s big band and crooners, Irish/Celtic music (Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem), folk music (Joan Baez, Weavers), and certain classical.

Now that I have Sirius radio in one vehicle, I listen mostly to the 40s, 50s and 60s stations.

I don't recall ever listening to music while I paddled. I do occasionally listen to AM stations evenings in camp when I can get a signal on my multi-band two-way radio. Whatever's on. In the American South, I used to like to listen to female radio host/DJ named Delilah.
Delilah was also on the radio up here, i liked her show too..
I usually start out very early in the morning (3 to 4am) and have a 3-5 hour drive, so it is ambient music on the way up all the way to the put-in: Erik Wollo, Tom Eaton and/or David Helpling. On the way back, it's almost always the Grateful Dead (live concert soundboards). The year varies, but most often: '72, '76, '77, '78 or the late 80s (87-89). No music on the trip - just the sounds of the place where I am.
On the way to, I listen to the radio.
Oddly enough, even though I have 18 FM presets in the CRV, all buttons lead to WEQX.
I've been listening to that same progressive rock, independent radio station (from Manchester, VT) since they came on the air nearly 40 years ago. In a world of homogenized, corporate owned banality, they are truly unique. Before that, I listened to WQBK, a legendary Albany, NY station that had a similar format. Until they didn't!
EQX reaches into most of the ADK's, when the Canadian station on the same frequency begins to bleed in, I switch to a CD.
Yup, CD. I have quite a preference for singer/songwriters, whether solo or with a band.
Neil Young, Beth Orton, Bob Mould, anything by The Cure, B52's, Lemonheads, David Lowry in any incarnation, I don't really have any favorites.
On the way home? Nothing, no CD, no radio, just my thoughts and fresh memories.