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Just a little list I put together from my bookmarks. :shock:
I REALLY need to spend less time on the Internet! :geek: :lol:

North American Manufacturers:

American Traders

Bell Canoe Works

Bluewater Canoe

Carrying Place Canoe & BoatWorks

Clipper Canoe

Colden Canoe

Composite Creations

Dogpaddle Canoe Works (custom built cedar strip canoes)

Eastcoast Canoe Co.

Easy Rider

Esquif Canoe

Fletcher Canoes

GRB Newman Designs

Great Canadian

Great Spirit Canoes

Gruman Canoes

H2O Canoe Company

HandCrafted Canoes

Hellman Canoe

Hemlock Canoe Works

Hornbeck Boats

Indian River Canoes

Island Falls Canoe

Kruger Canoes

Placid Boat Works

Langford Canoes

Laughing Loon Canoes

Lincoln Canoe

Lost In The Woods Boatworks

Mad River Canoe

Merrimack Canoe Company

Millbrook Boats

Mohawk Canoe

Mohawk Fiberglass (CLASSFIVE Boatworks)

Nighthawk Canoes

North Woods Canoe Co.

Northwoods Canoe Co.

Nova Craft Canoe

Old Town Canoe


Ranger Canoe

Savage River

Scott Canoe


Souris River Canoes

Stewart River Boatworks

Superior Canoe / Sawyer Canoe

Swift Canoe

Two Brothers Canoe

Voyageur Canoe

We-no-nah Canoe

West Country Canoes

Wood Song Canoes

UK Manufacturers:

Apache Canoes

Snake River Canoes

Solway Dory (mainly sailing canoes, with 1 paddleing model available at this time)

Venture Canoes

European Manufacturers: (Available in North America)

Ally Folding Canoes (Bergans of Norway)


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Wow! There are a couple on that list that I never heard of.

Jul 31, 2011
Dodgeville, Wi
Re: Manufacturers

I love to paddle as do most that frequent sites such as these. To that end, as a day paddler and die hard tripper, I believe Nova Craft makes canoes that are effiecent in design, fit and finish is excellent and they are built robustly ... that is important to me as a solo tripper who is often deep in the bush alone. My pal that I use as a solo is a tandem and is 48 pounds is kev/spec, but is built very tough. I am sure many have their favorite canoe manufactures for various reasons ... those above are mine. I really respect Nova Craft canoes.