Manigatogan May 16, 17

Sep 29, 2013
Narol, Manitoba
I took Friday off and the weather looked like it would co-operate for a change so I took the opportunity to go for an overnighter on the Manigatogan, which is about 2.5 hours away from my doorstep.

I saw a great grey owl about 10 minutes from the put in and tried to get a picture unsucessfully as a truck sped past and scared it away. At least the road was not washed out as it often is with a lot of moisture. The river was by far the highest I have ever seen, spilling over the banks all over. The fish were not biting yet and I only got one walleye for all of 2 day's efforts.

The put in.


Had to see what the beavers were up to. It is kind of nice being able to check this stuff out without being eaten alive by bugs.

DSC_2889.jpgDSC_2893.jpg DSC_3009.jpg

DSC_2895.jpg DSC_3014.jpg

The ducks were out in full force and I got a shot of this broad winged hawk.

DSC_2855.jpg DSC_2908.jpg

Then it was time for camp and evening pics.

DSC_2934.jpg DSC_2897.jpg DSC_2976.jpgDSC_2979.jpg DSC_2954.jpg

Sunrise and paddle back.

DSC_2987.jpg DSC_2999.jpg DSC_3001.jpg DSC_3004.jpg

Friend of the forest along the roadside, ruffed grouse.


Great to get out after this brutal winter and can't wait to go again!


Great bird shots! Thanks for sharing.

I especially like the grouse - figures it was on the road side :rolleyes:
Mar 18, 2014
Very nice! Did you put in near Stormy lake? Great to see all the snow is gone! Are you able to go against the current? I love how it is still pre-green and can't wait for the season to bloom!