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Help Identifying Canoe

Mar 31, 2024
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Just bought a 16' fiberglass canoe a couple of weeks ago. The guy I got it from had no idea what model/brand it is. I looked around online a good bit and could not find anything that looked like it. Hoping someone on here might know.


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I found where it used to be but all but the last two numbers have been chipped off. The last two digits are 11.
This probably indicates a canoe that was made in 2011. The link at https://www.usps.org/national/safety/HIN/HIN.pdf has more details.

This unusual flat back canoe looks a lot older to me than 2011. HIN numbers weren't standardized or required before 1972, as far as I know, and this canoe may be older than that. If so, the number that has been obliterated may just have been some arbitrary serial number that the builder used.
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Thanks, Ralph. That looks exactly the same other than the flatback. I don't think the HIN was intentionally removed. She's definitely seen a lot of use and it looks like it just got scratched off over the years. I don't think it's from 2011 either. The guy I got it from said he had it for a long time and the guy before him drove it all the way from Alaska to Alabama when he moved. He supposedly had it for a good bit of time as well but I don't know how long. It still has the Alaska registration on it which is pretty neat. I wasn't able to find any info from registration records for it though. Thanks for all the info everyone.