Hello from Minnesota



I'm back into canoeing after many years. My name is Dan and I went on many camping trips in Minnesota and Wisconsin years ago in my 17' alumacraft but then kids, mortgage, work etc. got in the way, I'm sure you know the drill. Now for my 60th birthday I decided to get a canoe. An Old Town Sarnac Frontiersman square back. I'm not sure about camping anymore but I am looking forward to time on the water in the local lakes fishing and playing with the grandchildren. I took it out on Minnehaha creek behind the house today for the first time with one of my granddaughters'. I surely enjoyed that. We can't get out on the lakes yet as the ice still has them locked down. I'm hoping the lakes will open up in a couple of weeks. Small water is ok though.

I'm glad to be here and I expect I'll be chatting it up a little more in the future.

Thanks, Dan...
Jul 25, 2012
Hi Dan and welcome! Yes, the years have passed for most of us too. And if the future isn't quite so open ended as it once was, still and all there's something to be said for the calm that seems to arrive along with the grey hairs. Much is the same but the gear has improved a lot; probably your grand kids will appreciate the improvement in kids life vests. You might want to explore all the various threads found here, bunches of information. About the camping; maybe short trips and probably the gear you don't have could be borrowed or rented.
Again welcome!
Best Wishes, Rob


Hello Dan and welcome from Ontario, Canada.

Good for you for making the decision to get back get back into canoeing. So long as one's health permits it, it's never to late to start or take it up again.

- Martin