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GSI Outdoors Halulite Microdualist Cookset

Sep 18, 2011
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I just purchesed a GSI Outdoors Halulite Microdualist Cookset to try out. In order for me to justify buying a new set of pots it has to meet some requirements.

My Requirements are:
A bowl
A mug with lid
A pot with lid
Fit a full size fuel canister
Fit my MSR stove
Everything must nest together

I left all the doubles out in order to fit a full size fuel canister. I also replaced the gimmicky foon with Sea to Summit Alpha Utensil Set. After getting the Microdualist home I found that my stove was just a little big. I broke out my trusty file and filed off any not necessary part of the legs on the stove. It really just amounted to rounding off the outside corners of the legs. Than I tried to stuff in a full size MSR fuel canister. That didn't work. I found that the only can that would fit with the pocket rocket was a full size Snowpeak canister. I am not much of a cook, so I can't really tell you if it cooks evenly or not. The pot did seem to boil water pretty fast compered to my old set. The Halulite is lighter than my old steel pots. The pot sits on the stove just fine with out wanting to tip off. Of everything I looked at the Halulite Microdualist is the only one that meet all of my requirements. All in all, this kit did everything I need and now I no longer have to dig for my pots, stove and fuel.
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