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Florida day tripping with Jake and my Wife …

Alan, it is funny, I was driving just South of Monroe on the last leg home when I had a blue bird keep pace with truck for a bit, then fly off. I remember thinking it is too early for them. We just got home on a 55 degree sunny day and read your post. Early March does indeed have robins and blue birds in southern Wisconsin … crazy end to winter!
my first ever with my Wife

Didn't you go to Florida to paddle last winter, and if so, what did Cathy do on that trip? Also, did you spring for a Rapidfire not knowing whether she would ever paddle it? Finally, what Hemlock did you paddle?
I went to Florida last year with Jake only. We were going to all go together, but life got in the way and it was only Jake and I. She was a bit hesitant then as well as this trip, not knowing what to expect and being Leary of Alligators and the current of the springs etc.

I was confident she would love the RapidFire, bought it used from Dave at Hemlock. He says it was Yosts personal boat. She is very comfortable paddling local lakes and backwaters of the Wisconsin River With that canoe.

I paddle a used Eaglet from Dave, set up as a solo, with the solo seat moved farther aft and the bow thwart moved ahead to give Jake plenty of “wiggle” room as he changes position more often now due to his age. I really like the way it paddles as it is symmetrical and I find it to be very maneuverable and Fast enough for Jake and I.

While I was learning to paddle sitting and not kneeling ( long story ) I began to utilize a Greenland Style Paddle. All my canoes are tandem, converted to be huge solo boats. I even paddled my 15 prospector with one. I found I needed to use a low angle paddle stroke or I would sling water on Jake my dog … he HATES water on his head. So … I had one made for me that was like 112 inches long. 10 foot might be even better. I can paddle very fast in strong current, wind etc., without slinging water on Jake. We call it “ Lilly dipping”. Really nice for slow constant cruising … but, man I can fly with that paddle if I choose too. I use a straight paddle now, but mt wife uses it in her RapidFire and it moves along easily, with very little effort.


We are Hotel tripping, but I do cook outside every day!

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Be right there for them eggs!