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Deleting a route via the garmin website

Oct 29, 2020
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Duluth, MN
I have created a few routes I want to discard, but when I go to routes and click, hit delete, it gives me a confirm delete message, which I also click, yet the route remains?
Any help would be appreciated.
Maybe you'll get a helpful response here, tomo, but you probably stand a better chance on a Garmin forum if they still exist.
I had the same problem just the other day and had a similar experience trying to delete them. Eventually I was successful using the Earthmate app. I am not exactly sure what worked though, however, when I closed the app and then re-opened it, the routes I was trying to delete were gone. I'll be taking some trips next week. Afterwards, if I can figure out what I did that worked, I will make another posting.