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BWCA August 14-19

Oct 6, 2014
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Long Island NY
if your interested in joining. I have the permit for entry point 23 same take out. I'm renting from Piragis.
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Hopefully you can get someone to go...Its too far from me and I have to pass a bunch of canoe areas to get to it. Will be just back from a Maine trip
I will be on vacation with the family that week, otherwise I would have tried. Also for the ADK weekend in Aug. goes, tight schedule bringing daughter back to school that week. But, she is in that direction. ;)
I may be interested.
How aggressive is your trip route?
At 67 I might slow you down too much !

Jim, you have 10 years on me but are probably 3 times as fast and stronger also. I'm smelling the roses and double portaging. Basically it's either a loop over 6 days or a base camp idea depending on weather and how I'm feeling. Goal is to enjoy the area, hopefully see the pictographs and return safely. Putting in at entry 23 and paddling to Horse. Next day paddle to the falls and see the pictographs. From there possibly a counter clock wise loop or base camping near the falls and paddling East according to the outfitter suggestion. I didn't memorize the names of the lakes and ponds but have it mapped out at home. Will send you a pm with the info. CF
CF, that's an iconic trip. You'll have some company on it so get an early start in the am and find a campsite by 2-3pm. Many people basecamp on Fourtown and the falls are well worth the trip. Finding a campsite near the falls can be rewarding if there is any chance one is open after noon. Crooked Lake can be a challenge to navigate with its many bays and islands so watch your map carefully. Blueberries should be wrapping up so you may find some for your pancakes. Enjoy the trip. I will have wrapped up my trip before July ends.
Thanks Jazzman, I have been day dreaming thinking about it while walking my daughters dog in the early morning hours. Reading a lot of threads on the BWCA and getting that point across about launching early each morning. Luckily I'm an early riser but I was thinking about the take down of my tarp and other chores. Sounds like I'm going to have to get into a routine which I like and sometimes don't like. Where is your EP? Been there before? Wish it was this weekend!
CF, I've been to every corner of the BWCAW except one--the Arrowhead trail in the northeast corner. I am entering EP70 and going along the pigeon river to Rose and Duncan Lakes to do the Staircase Portage and return through the lakes just below the border lakes. I have a cousin on Long Island who is a Lutheran pastor. His name is Rick Mc Elderry. Long shot if you know of him but it can be a small world at times.
Thanks BC will send out message,,, and no I haven't yet but I'm sort of getting used to the solo idea.

Jazzman, wow, nice! i wish I lived closer to fresh water.

I sold a sweet sea k---k (can't mention that type of boat, hehe) today at a club picnic. I only paddled it about 3 times in 3 years. Fell more comfortable in canoes and pack boats because of knee issues. Don't know McElderry but I'm sure we've come across each other sitting in traffic! yuk!
BC, I' m such a burnout. I met Swampturtle a few weeks ago. Took her paddling out here. She joined the same paddle club. She just finished up a trip there. i need a rest!
LongIsland Paddlers, but it's mostly 98% kayakers.

Side note, just booked a site on Rollins Pond August 24 -27. Going with Waterspyder and a few others from down her. Car camping and going out on day excursions. See if your free.
Daughter moves back in to dorm on the 25th, she is on the way, I can probably make it up Sat. afternoon. I will have to pack light, not used to that. Ha Ha. What site are you? I don't see any available water sites for Sat night, openings on the water Sunday night though. Are you leaving on Monday?
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Coldfeet (David) has site #111 reserved in Rollins Pond. I have #112 -- If you are going to be able to make it we can leave space for you on Coldfeet's site just let us know. Coldfeet has no clue what packing light means when car camping. I wouldn't be surprised if he showed up with a fully loaded 18 wheeler with a 40 ft trailer.
Whoo hoo! Did it! At Duluth airport now waiting 14 hours for flight to the Twin Cities then back into NYC tomorrow.

Will post trip report soon.
Went solo for 5 nights 6 days.
Put in at EP23 Mudro.
Paddled app 30 miles. Double portaged each time. Saw the lower falls and pictographs.
Then went into Fourtown and base camped there. Day trip up to Boot Fairy and Gun
great portage trails until my final day from Fourtown into Mudro. Every step I concentrated especially after my first fall on day one walking the boards.
Learned a lot going solo, won