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    What was the first river you ever paddled?

    Delaware River, on a scout trip, around 1977 or so, somewhere in that stretch from Hancock down to Port Jervis. Pretty sure it was 3 days, 2 overnights. Mostly I remember blisters, sun, and the strange thing my steersman, an older scout, drank: Grapefruit juice. Swore it was the best thirst...
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    What is your local day paddle?

    I live between Baltimore and Philly, and it takes longer to get the canoe on the car than it does to get it from the driveway into the water... My favorite local paddle is on a stretch called Gray's Run, with a little feeder called Cranberry Run. Both open out into the Bush River, which then...
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    Giving away gear to family or others?

    I set up each of my daughters with a full tool chest for home repair when they left. In my youngest's case, she's the woodswoman, and while she's back with us again for awhile, I made sure she had one of everything for her own camping trips. Most of it was older versions of common gear that I...
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    How much stuff do you take on a day trip?

    Normally almost the same stuff I take on a day hike... small backpack, poncho, lunch, junk bag (compass, headlamp, TP, first aid kit, repair kit, notebook/pencil), water bottle. I leave the sit pad at home though, since i have a Crazy Creek folding seat for the canoe. I add a pair of binos...
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    Gear storage and trip packing

    Kind of an organized mess... The first shot is full length down the basement of my townhouse, used primarily for box storage and an archery range (13 yards). I now have a plywood backstop for the target. There's a nook in the end, around the corner, where I store my gear and have a craft room...
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    Camp/Foxworx Paddles

    Sad to hear about FoxWorx... I have one of their doubles for my Nessmuk II, and love it... that said, I hope not to need another, ever.
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    Light Weight Food Canister

    Zip ties used to be sold in a plastic container about 3-4" wide and about a foot high. You can also still find old Saltine cracker tins in antique shops that would work. And around Christmas, EVERYTHING seems to come in a tin, and that's a good time to look for them. Both oatmeal and cornmeal...
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    Cell phone coverage in the Adirondacks

    I don't rely on cell service, but have gotten it in some weird places. When I do, I make a point to text my wife and let her know I'm doing well... places I have gotten coverage are almost always high... Hitchens Overlook on Lows/Bog River, Mt Fredrica on Lila, Grass Pond Mountain on Lows...
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    Interesting, Helpful, Memorable Folks You've Met on Canoe Trips

    I generally try to avoid folks, but I've run into several who were memorable... Saw one guy on Low's Lake one year, in a white canoe with a sail, headed straight across the lake toward my lunch spot... beached about 10' from me, and out comes Conk, with whom I've stayed in contact on and off...
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    General Trip Gear

    It's funny... scrolling quickly through this thread, I recognized a canoe, stove/frying pan, and pack, and stopped... yup. it was Robin's... just funny how you know people by their gear combos sometimes. I pack a bit heavier with my daughter, a lot heavier with my wife, very light when alone...
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    How did you learn?

    Whatever strokes I learned in Scouts were lost in the 25 or so years that went between the end of my Scouting and my rediscovery of the water... The only thing that stuck was kneeling... I've always preferred to kneel... feels right, somehow. And when I started solo-ing, I figured out that...
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    What is the ideal canoe dog for a solo canoeist?

    I can't recommend a specific breed, mostly because I'm not a dog person and have only had one dog (inherited) in my adult life, and he wasn't the best in a canoe. Scared of water too. But I will say that the funniest thing I've ever seen in that regard was a co-paddler whose name escapes me...
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    Where do you carry your canoe trip knives and what are they?

    I always carry at least a Swiss Army Knife Tinker in my pocket, every day carry. In the woods, this becomes a SAK Fieldmaster or Huntsman, which has a saw and scissors in addition to the Tinker's tools. The SAK's tools are stainless steel, and the blades are a slightly harder steel, but still...
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    Poll: What type of vehicle is your usual canoe vehicle currently?

    Goal post off the trailer hitch with a couple ratchet straps to keep it from swaying (tied into the grocery bag hooks in the trunk), bungy cord across the goal post, ratchet strap through the doors in the middle, and front painter (split) ties into two tabs under the hood. Have done 8 hours at...
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    Fears while paddling or on canoe trips

    Age as brought few maturity-related fears... if anything, I've realized I've lived to 57 even with a brain that sometimes tries to kill me. "Respect" is more the word... I have a greater respect for bears, bad weather, and the possibility of injury... all can be mitigated with proper planning...