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    Simple bannock and other reflector oven ideas

    No recipe to share, but powdered peanut butter is a bannock game-changer. Whatever the recipe, I usually whip up a batch at home before committing - strictly for testing purposes, of course. Edit: Nephew delighted in chopping up some pepperettes to mix into a savoury bannock. Genius he is.
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    Furthest you have carried to launch a canoe?

    2010 meters from AP 12 to Pinetree Lake in Algonquin. First day was less of a problem than the last day.
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    Freedom 17 Build

    That's funny, because I've dubbed it "the birthing window."
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    Freedom 17 Build

    My 2", 6-32 machine screws came in. I now have a lifetime supply. A bit tricky to get the washer and nut on - no way to fit your hands in there. A dab of Vaseline in a nut driver got it done. And with that, out the window it goes... I had quite a hard time weighing it. The 2nd floor of...
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    No advice is better than bad advice

    I read your title wrong, as in: "There is no better advice than bad advice", in which case all of those Facebookista's would be right.
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    Freedom 17 Build

    I should have mentioned - grain direction is important. You want vertical, not flat - i.e., grain should be parallel with the 3/16" dimension.
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    Freedom 17 Build

    Hi Traveler - thanks for the compliment. The stems are 3/16" strips of SPF construction lumber. I clamp my heat gun to the side of my workbench so that it is pointing up at a comfortable angle. Each strip is bent individually. I hold them about 12-20" away from the gun, constantly moving back...
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    Freedom 17 Build

    Perhaps a tad presumptuous, this is the penultimate update. Here she is sanded down and ready for coat numero uno. That Pettit Flagship stuff smells like no other coating product I've used - delicious. Perhaps even a hint of blueberry? Of course I've probably just shaved a few years off my...
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    RIP J-Stroke: ACA No Longer Teaches the J-Stroke (EDIT: Or Does It?)

    As some of you may have deduced by the 2 canoe builds I have documented here, I am very much a "as long as it gets the job done" kind of guy. If I can make something functional look pretty, fine - but that's the order of the priorities. Keeping on that theme, I use any and all manner of...
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    First stripper build: Prospector-16 Help & comments appreciated

    My Bob Special strips were cut to .210". 4 oz glass with double layers on the interior and exterior footballs. No stems, though - you'd have to take that into consideration. With a tailor's tape, measure shearline to shearline on your largest form, then divide by your strip width. Without...
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    Hammock camper advice

    Oh, and at close to freezing, I'd be cold with a pad. But that doesn't say much - I'm a cold sleeper.
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    Hammock camper advice

    Take the tent. I own 2 hammocks - a Warbonnet and a LittleShopofHammocks Warrior Lite. I spent the better part of 2 summers setting them up in my back "forest". Issues I experienced included numb heels to an earth-shattering headache and several other problems. I have The Ultimate Hang book and...
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    Freedom 17 Build

    Pitter-patter... Got clamps? One done. No scuppers from the stern to the front of the stern seat. It looks a deceivingly longer stretch than it is - only 36" or so until the scupper start. The other followed soon after. On to the decks... Coating them with resin at this stage was...
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    Building a Bob's Special Super video !

    Very nice work, although the deck construction had me scratching my head a bit.