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    Lost (misplaced) a tool

    Everything, at least three times. I just buy new stuff.
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    Had to get a Yak - Blue Steel: Meh.

    Fairly standard look for a composite boat. It's just superficial, should see the bottom of my tuff stuff canoes.
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    Recommended Fishing gear for Marshall-Kap

    Standard lead jig, any colour, with the standard twister tail, any colour will catch both pike and walleye.
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    Furthest you have carried to launch a canoe?

    I believe 2.2 k was the furthest starting point, porting into Meta Lake from the road.
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    50 Pounder Rebuild

    Wow, don't know how I missed this thread, but it was a great Sunday afternoon read. Looks awesome, can't wait to see how it paddles.
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    No advice is better than bad advice

    That pretty much describes every single Facebook group out there. On a winter camping facebook group, a fella was telling everyone that if they didnt have a carbon monoxide detector in a canvas tent with a wood stove, they would surely die. Several of us who have actually stayed in tents with...
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    Carrying a gun when canoe traveling just because

    Well, the gun carrying debate could be divided into two categories: Canadian or American. In the US, it seems people have many possibilities for carrying, because of the relatively unlimited access to handguns. In Canada, although there was the remote possibility of getting a wilderness carry...
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    Cpap on trip

    I remember a few years back, there was a fella on Myccr with the same problem. He had a special device that he inserted in his mouth that kept his airway open, made by a dental surgeon, and it mostly corrected his apnea. He said it was uncomfortable and hard to get used too, and that he would...
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    Carrying a gun when canoe traveling just because

    Lol, you would fit right in with the Geraldton crew. Seriously though, we have so many meth heads now, canoeing is the only way to get away from them, unless they have already stolen your canoe, or paddles, or vehicle.
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    Carrying a gun when canoe traveling just because
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    Amazon epoxy

    I've noticed that with the coffee table/epoxy craze, amazon has started selling epoxy. Here's an example There are multiple varieties, all priced pretty cheaply...
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    Photos of Animals, Fish, Birds & Bugs on a Canoe Trip

    We see lots of these way back in the bush, It is illegal to pick them in Ontario. This was somewhere in back of Marshall Lake.
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    What is the current thinking about proper CPR procedure?

    I had to take First Aid regularly as part of work, and CPR changed so often, I couldn't keep up. In a WFA course, I was told that when dealing with extreme hypothermia, the only thing that should be done is rescue breathing, because compressions could kill the person. What are the thoughts on that?
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    Modifications to a Solo Yoke?

    I would get rid of all that stuff on your yoke, and put something like Glenn's helium yoke pad on it. I have something very similar to that on my solo, and i find it very comfortable. It will lower your center of gravity too. I can't comment on the connection of your yoke to the canoe, other...
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    Help identify this odd duck (square stern)

    I dunno, but it needs a whole lot of lovin, I'd probably dump it before the relationship gets heated.