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    Events Schedule at White Rose Canoe

    THE SPRING 2022 CANOE GATHERING AT WHITE ROSE CANOE HAS BEEN POSTPONED!!! Sorry for the short notice, but things happen. We'll post another update when we have a revised plan in place. Thanks for your interest - and swing by the shop if you're in the area - we'd love to meet y'all. Michael...
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    New, currently living in Massachusetts.

    Welcome ! Trapper is a nice boat (I don't find it slow for a 12', but I'm not naturally a quick paddler :-)=. ). Keith
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    Canoe Atlas Of The Little North by Jonathan Berger and Thomas Terry

    I just got my copy of the Atlas of the Little North last Thursday (after a 9 month wait) - it was worth it. The front half of the book, describing the environment, geography and other aspects of the region is as fascinating as the atlas maps in the 2nd half.
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    Events Schedule at White Rose Canoe

    Hi folks - just wanted to let you know that we've renamed and updated our April 16 event - we're now calling it the "Spring 2022 "Canoe Gathering at White Rose Canoe". We think the changes better communicate that this is intended to be a canoeing community event, not simply a "demo day". Take...
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    Poll: What type of vehicle is your usual canoe vehicle currently?

    Would really be curious to see SUV/Station Wagon as two separate categories at some point. I really prefer the station wagon for the lower roof line - makes loading really simple. We see a lot of folks with tall SUVs who just struggle to deal with the height.
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    Canoes get hurt what to do A Blog from White Rose Canoe

    Thanks for pulling it in - I"m looking forward to getting input and comments.
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    What is the ideal canoe dog for a solo canoeist?

    Cardigan Welsh Corgi: Compact, smart, friendly, member of the working breeds, great companion...
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    Events Schedule at White Rose Canoe

    Sounds like good advice - I'll do that. Thanks. Keith
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    Quick YouTube review - Esquif Adirondack 10' solo pack boat + Hunter and Harris Ottertail on the Ipswich River, MA

    Hi Folks - we just became an Esquif dealer, so I took the Adirondack 12' solo pack boat out for a spin as part of my New Year's Day paddle. Took along an Hunter and Harris Ottertail as well. Here's a link to the resulting short video with some comments on the boat, the paddle and the river...
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    Events Schedule at White Rose Canoe

    Sure - no problem - post it as a reply or a new entry?
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    Events Schedule at White Rose Canoe

    Register now for January and February events - links posted: We’ve added registration links to our January and February “Events at the White Rose”. These events are free. They will be on-line and you’ll need to register to get the link to the Zoom call. Click on the links below to find...
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    Voyageur portage loads - still almost unbelievable...

    Voyageurs were employed through the 1870's. Adney was born in 1868 and began his research around 1889 and started publishing in 1890. Certainly close enough to interact with folks directly involved in the trade or others who knew them.
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    FYI - if you're interested and in the area we've got a guy who's scheduled to be at Canoe Day on April 16 who will be talking and demonstrating the use of wannigans and tumplines. See this entry in the Events section...
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    Voyageur portage loads - still almost unbelievable...

    I knew the voyageurs carried a bit of weight, but I'm reading Adney and Chapelle's "The Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America" and this description really drove it home. "The term pacton was applied to the packs made up ready for portage; they were ordinarily made up of two or more...
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    Canoe Cart

    Suspenz sells the same style. Can't tell if the Swedish style above has adjustable "bunks" like theirs. https://suspenz.com/collections/transportation-carts-kayak-fishing-canoe/products/all-terrain-super-duty-airless-cart